A Farewell to Hemingway!

A Farewell to Arms 
by Ernest Hemingway   

Okay! I admit I didn’t even read the whole book and I’m not even regretting that for I believe that a book that doesn’t get to you from the very beginning of it, is a book that doesn’t worth the time.

Hemingway seems to have the most boring writing-style ever! I was expecting sort of a forbidden love story which happened in the times of the World War I and lots of blood, death, and brutality descriptions, but instead all what I found in the book is this complete childish characters (yes, I’m referring to Catherine Barkley)the love she had with Henry was ridiculous and what was even more ridiculous is the description of their love affair "I had gotten somewhat drunk and had nearly forgotten to come but when I could not see her there I was feeling lonely and hallow" Like seriously? lonely and hallow? I can write better than that!!

Also, I hardly could see any developments in the characters; therefore, I had no kind of attachment toward them. They were silly, and just uninteresting. The war was rarely described except in few chapters. So now, can someone please tell me why this guy has won the Nobel Prize in Literature? And no, I’m definitely not going to read The Old Man and the Sea or anything forErnest Hemingway.