Fading memories…

Check out this mix on @8tracks: “Somewhere beautiful… “

Bastille - Pompeii // Mahogany Session (by themahoganysessions)


Exit Music (For A Film) | Radiohead

[HD] Thom Yorke - Analyse (From The Basement)

Nothing is ever like what it seems to be…
A new mix containing several awesome, dream-like songs. I hope I succeeded in giving the mix a dreamy atmosphere ^^”
*There are some Alternative Rock songs, since dreams are not all slow and quiet; some dreams are dangerous. 

Editors- Push Your Head Towards the Air.

Sounds Under Radio- All you wanted

Mumford & Sons - Not With Haste (by OfficialBabel)

Lana Del Rey - Ride
I think I’m starting to be a loyal fan of Lana! I have been listening to this song almost all day. It’s probably my Favorite Lana’s song. 


حاجة كده إصطباحة

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Premiere: Damn You (Full Song)

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Καβοντορίτικο - Πατινάδα Γάμου - Ξύλα -Μπάλος.mpg (by perceptiveblue)

I cannot recall when was the last time I heard such a unique music.. 

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing
God! I so much miss the old  Coldplay :”(